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Liquid Tall Oil Rosin

Product Identification
JSC Segezhskiy Pulp and Paper Mill 1, Zavodskaya str., 186420, Segezha, Karelia, Russia

OOO Trade House Lesokhimik 11 Sedova str., 192019, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 812 38 061 77

Hazard Identification

May cause sensitization by skin contact. On heating, this product may generate fumes that irritate the eye and may cause respiratory irritation with throat discomfort, coughing, or difficulty breathing.

Emergency and First-Aid Procedures
Skin contact: Wash with soap and water
Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water
Eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water

Fire and Explosion Data

Flash Point: above 200
Extinguishing Media: Water fog or mist, foam, dry chemical, or carbon dioxide.
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Toxic gases may be released during fire.

Accidental release measures

In case of spilling collect substance back to container. Wash spill place with a solution of soda and-or water with soap.

Rules of the reference and storage

To keep in dry and good ventilated place separately from food. To keep far from sources of heat. To keep from direct sunlight. To keep far from sources of the open flame. Do not smoke in. Exclude access of children and animals. To store product at an ambient temperature. The warehouse should provide protection of substance against direct influence of sunlights, humidity, pollution and mechanical damage. Additional special requirements to conditions of storage are not present.

Exposure controls/personal protection

Respiratory protection: Suitable respiratory equipment in case of insufficient ventilation
Hand protection: Protective gloves. PVC
Eye protection: Safety goggles
Skin and body protection: Suitable protective clothing

Physical and chemical properties
Color and odor
Substance of light yellow to light brown with light specific odor
1050 kg/m3(20).
Solubility in water
Flash point
Above 200.

Chemical stability: Product is chemically stable
Conditions to avoid: Excessive heating
Materials to avoid: Acids. Bases
Hazardous decomposition products:            Carbon dioxide, carbon oxide


Will cause irritation due to skin/eyes/ingestion contact
Environmental protection

It is necessary to avoid contact of substance with drinking sources.
The product possesses light toxic action on fishes and water micro flora of natural reservoirs.

Disposal considerations
Methods of disposal: Disposal according to local regulations

Transport information
Able to be transported by aircrafts, railway wagons and vehicles non specially equipped.
 Regulatory Information
EU classification                                  Xi, Irritant R43

Content                                               Tall Oil Rosin

Risk-phrases:               43                    May cause sensitization by skin contact

Safety-phrases:            24                    Avoid contact with skin

37                   Wear suitable gloves

Additive information
Product should be transported in polyethylene, polypropylene, plywood, paperboard or stainless steel containers or drums.
Product has manufactured according GOST 14201-83

Guaranty shelf life - 12 months from date of production


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